Y’all Need Jesus: THIS Freaky A$$ Question About Rihanna Has Twitter On The Verge Of Destruction

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Source: Caroline McCredie / Getty

Freaky Rihanna Question Destroys Twitter

Y’all must really be bored, huh? When it comes to Rihanna, the internet is all about being obsessed and fantasizing. Thursday may have taken things a bit far, though. One Twitter user posed a question that took our obsession with Rihanna to new, um, depths?

Take a look:

Word? This is what we’re doing? We’re talking playing pokemon with Rih Rih? Well, no one on social media would dare engage in such a revealing conversation would th-?

Oh. Oh, we forgot who we were talking about. Y’all are wild. Take a look at the funniest reactions to the wild hypothetical.

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