Hot N’ Ready: Hazel-E Put Her Greased Up Glutes On Display And Twitter Is VERY Conflicted

Hazel-E Gets Glazed For The ‘Gram

Maybe Iyanla really did change Hazel-E’s life after all. Since then she’s calmed down (a bit) and found herself a man. Hooray for Hazel! How does she commemorate this newfound love? Like any regular person would: by jumping into a tub of canola oil and putting her bawdy on blast.

The pics have confused quite a few people on Twitter who have a lot of questions. Why so shiny? Why the shimmer? How did she get that bawdy so tight? Is Hazel-E a snack? Did she ask Sojourner Truth about these photos? The world needs to know!

Hit the flip for more pics and more hilarious reactions.

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