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That Hurrr: Chingy Is Getting Chicken Head Stomped For Rocking A Civil Rights Box Fade In 2019 

USA - 2007 ASCAP Pop Music Awards - Arrivals

Source: Paul Mounce – Corbis / Getty

Twitter Tries To Drag Chingy’s Haircut Off His Head Before The Millennium Tour

Social media has unearthed Chingy’s Instagram page and the jokes are spiraling out of control. Recently, the former midwest rap sensation posted videos of himself rehearsing for the upcoming “Millenium Tour”. This was both exciting for fans, and concerning after they spotted the atrocity on top of his head.

“Gimme what you got for a porkchop” must’ve been the words Chingy uttered to his barber right before he recently cut his hair. What is this hairstyle??? Look at this!

Instagram Photo

Is this the haircut YOU want to see on Chingy on the tour???? Hit the flip to see how Twitter has been unapologetically dragging Chingy by his dusty follicles and how he responded. It’s pure comedy.

Belcalis’ Bolitics: Cardi B. Blasts Donald Trump And His Raggedy Government Shutdown [Video] 


Source: Gladys Vega/Getty Images / Getty

After popping cakes in little more than tiger body paint earlier this afternoon, Cardi B had some serious thoughts about the current political climate to get off her chest this evening. Honestly…we aren’t sure why CNN or MSNBC hasn’t popped her into a square as a talking head to help break down what’s going on in watching for her audience.

Check out Cardi’s musings on the government shutdown and Trump’s general…Trumpness.

Instagram Photo

Cardi definitely has her own unique brand of delivery, but we detect no lies.

Gladys Vega/Getty Images

Former NFL Baller Tony Beckham Beats The Brakes Off A Pervy Pedo Feeling On Himself Outside His Teenage Daughter’s Window 


Source: Getty / Getty

Tony Beckham Beats Perv Bloody For Peeping In His Daughter’s Window

Now, this is a father!

Ex-NFL defensive back Tony Beckham defended his 15-year-old daughter from a perverted predator earlier this week, breaking a man’s face who trespassed on his property.

According to TMZ, Palm Beach County FL police report that Tony spotted a strange man standing in the bushes outside his daughter’s window with both hands down his pants early Monday morning. When he noticed that the man was making masturbatory motions, he took off after him.

Authorities say that Tony chased the man about 50 feet away from the house, caught up to him and beat him bloody, leading to several well-deserved facial fractures.

Cops arrested the man, 48-year-old Geoffrey Cassidy, a homeless man. He was booked for Lewd or Lascivious Exhibition in the Presence of a Child and if convicted faces up to 15 years.

Good for him!


Baby Girl’s B-Day: Aaliyah’s Brother Releases Poem In Honor Of Late Singer’s 40th Birthday 


Source: Kevin Mazur / Getty

Rashad Haughton Writes Poem For Aaliyah’s 40th Birthday

The brother of late singer Aaliyah is remembering her on what would be her 40th birthday. Rashad Haughton released a poem today January 16 in remembrance of Aaliyah that mentions a “gentle whisperer of wind” sowing seeds.

“The many were once as one by way of mind and tongue/hands intertwined reached out for heaven atop a thing that was built/ When it fell upon itself the words descended upon cold earth and became brittle, colorless and crumbled beneath our feet,” reads part of the poem.

“When it fell upon itself the words descend upon cold earth and became bitter, colorless and crumbled beneath our feet. […] “A truth revealed is a song set free. Gentle whisperer of wind sow these seeds for me.”

Aaliyah’s friends and fans are flooding social media with birthday tributes.

Instagram Photo

R.I.P. Baby Girl!

See more on the flip.

Z-Phi, Sooo Sweet! Syleena Johnson Reps Zeta Phi Beta’s 99th Founders’ Day On ‘Sister Circle’ [Video] 

Syleena Johnson

Source: Mindy Small/Film Magic / Getty

Syleena Johnson Represents Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. On Their 99th Founders’ Day

Syleena Johnson is a PROUD member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.—and don’t you ever forget it. The “Sister Circle” host made that clear today, January 16, for her sorority’s 99th Founders’ Day.
Syleena donned her sorority’s signature blue for the occasion and swaddled herself in a Zeta Phi Beta 1920 scarf.
Instagram Photo

She also got a sweet message from her cohost/Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. member Rashan Ali who shouted her out and the “Finer” women of Z Phi B.
Instagram Photo
Congrats on 99 years to Syleena Johnson and the women of Zeta Phi Beta!

Pon Di Bible: Rihanna’s Possibly Shady Patriarch Responds To Her Lawsuit, Claims Imma Do Nuh Such Ting 

Rihanna and Ronald Fenty

Source: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Caroline McCredie/Getty Images for Fenty Beaut / Getty

Rihanna’s Father Responds To News That She Is Suing Him

Yesterday we reported that Rihanna is suing her father Ronald Fenty for exploiting the Fenty name to promote his businesses.

Today, the folks at OK! spoke to Ronald and he has responded to the news that his daughter wants ALL the litigious smoke.

“She is? Suing me? Why would she sue me? It’s my name!” he exclaimed. “She’s never going to sue me — I’ll have to fight it!”

It is reported that Ronald and a partner have been using the name to act on Robyn’s behalf without every having permission to do so.

“Thing is she doesn’t have the time to deal with all this stuff herself, so it is someone else that will be doing it,” he continued. ”She’s working hard on her album at the moment. I don’t think she’d sue me.”

He goes on to say:

“This is all news to me. They sent something to Fenty Entertainment, it was a letter from Roc Nation I think, but my lawyer said it was OK. They said they preferred me not to use the name, but they didn’t say I couldn’t.”

Sounds like those lawyers were trying to use gentle language with Ronald as a warning out of respect for his role as Rihanna’s father, but, uh…Roc nation ain’t going for anything that will tarnish Rih’s shine. Including daddy dearest.

Pure Comedy: Netflix Announces Trump-Trolling Series ‘Space Force’ Starring Hilarious Hominy-Hued Steve Carrell [Video] 

Netflix Space Force Steve Carell Donald Trump

Source: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images/Paras Griffin/Getty Images / Getty

Netlfix Announces New Series About Trump’s ‘Space Force’

Remember when Donald Trump announced his plan to expand the U.S. Armed Forces with the addition of the…Space Force? Well, Netflix has taken the opportunity to create high-level troll content out of 53% of white women’s president’s ridiculous form of leadership.

We are SO here for this. How bout you?

It’s Here! City Girl Resha Shakes Her Slim Striped Dehydrated Cakes In Official Video For “Twerk” Ft. Cardi B [Video] 

Birthday Celebration For Pierre Thomas

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

City Girls – Twerk ft. Cardi B (Official Music Video) ft. Cardi B

Resha FLEWED OUT all the winners of her cake shaking $25,000 challenge and now the official video is here. Previously, Resha denounced drinking water. She moves pretty well for someone we assumed would have stiff joints. Hit play.

Are you feeling these body painted cakes???

Soulja Boy And His Dry A$$ Breakfast Club Gucci Headband Have Twitter Cracking The Most HILARIOUS Jokes At Everyone’s Expense 

WE tv Hosts Exclusive Premiere For Hip Hop Thursdays

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Soulja Boy’s Crusty Headband

Soulja Boy is back! Well, sort of. He’s selling video games, watches and anything he can get his hands on while cranking out some pretty memorable viral moments. The latest is an hour-long rant of The Breakfast Club that is quite unforgettable. However, the most incredible moment came from the real star of the show: his stretched out, crusty Gucci (maybe?) headband.

It’s the story of the day along with an assortment of pure comedy moments. Take a look…