DPC Musik - Journey of Destiny 

The promise of an incredibly gifted life and career is for those who have passion and desire.  And so it is - that Antonio AKA DPC Musik is here to fulfill his destiny.  Hailing from the northern Alabama city of Athens, Alabama, DPC Musik brings to the forefront of musical entertainment something memorable.  He is here to fulfill his gifted destiny.

DPC Musik's background as a young musical prodigy foretold what his life would be like in pursuing a musical path forward.  Starting piano at age 4 - this very talented singer, performer and musician began singing in the church choir at age 10 years old.  While growing up and waxing good and strong in his musical gifts - this talented singer, songwriter, performer and musician was influenced by the great ones.

The unforgettable music of such names as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Peabo Bryson, Sam Cooke and many others motivated DPC Musik to go 'full steam ahead' in exposing his musical gifts to the world.  Helping to craft his musical signature for exposure to the world's music marketplace is none other than the SupaProducer Ken P. of TrunkBangaz Entertainment.  The latest CD album released is called Da PromiseChild 1.0.  Standout songs from the album include Get Turnt Up, Baby Can You Ride, Number One and more.

Antonio Woodruff AKA DPC Musik’s talent also extends to the acting arena.  In 2016, this very talented artist ventured into the acting world through his appearances in several stage plays and television.  His television work included an appearance on the show Fatal Attraction and many others. His many fans can expect to see DPC Musik in many more acting roles as well as see him on the musical performing stage giving them that passion and desire that they have come to love about him.