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Secretion Soirée: “Polyamorous Event Planner” Goes For Orgy Record With 1,000 Participants 


Source: Bilyana Stoyanovska / EyeEm / Getty

Denver Woman Wants To Plan World’s Largest Orgy

People love to be recognized as the “greatest”, but this is a superlative that sounds a lil’ too sticky for our taste.

According to The Scottish Sun, a Denver woman, 29-year-old Pearl Derrier is looking to enter the record books as the organizer of the world’s largest orgy with over 1,000 p***y-pounding participants. Derrier has both a boyfriend and a “homemaker” girlfriend, so it’s safe to say her attitude toward sex is a bit more…liberal than most people. In fact, Pearl says she stopped counting her sexual partners when she hit 100 at age 21. She says she hopes that her orgy will create a “sex positive revolution”.

In case you’re wondering, condoms will be provided. Pearl credits her time as a burlesque dancer for her openness to alternative sexual lifestyles:

“The moment I walked in, I saw someone involved in an intimate act and was caught off guard a bit, but I soon realised it was just like any other party, with people chatting and dancing, too.

“People could have sex and be intimate, or just watch if they wanted to.”

You down to be part of Pearl’s history?

So Sad: Father Speaks After Seeing 10-Year-Girl Who Killed His Baby Boy In Court 

Baby room decor

Source: Stefan Cristian Cioata / Getty

10-Year-Old Girl Charged With Murder Of Baby, Father Speaks

A Wisconsin man is breaking his silence about the 10-year-old child who allegedly “stomped” on his 6-month-old son’s head, causing his death while at daycare. According to the Daily Mail, the father went to see the girl face her day in court last week, where she cried as she entered the room. Unphased, the father says the young girl is a criminal and deserves to be in handcuffs.

‘As opposed to seeing it as a 10-year-old girl, I saw it as the person who killed my son,’ Nate Liedl said. ‘She, in my opinion, deserved to be in shackles or handcuffs. She’s a criminal.’

Reportedly, police said the girl, who is a foster child who lived at the daycare center, was alone in the house at the time and everyone else was outside playing. She told investigators that she had picked Jaxon up but then panicked when she dropped him. Police were told that she stomped on his head when baby Jaxon started crying. Unfortunately, when paramedics arrived at the daycare center to find Jaxon unresponsive and bleeding from his head.

All of this occurred coincidently while baby Jaxon’s father was on his way to pick him up. He arrives as soon as the ambulances arrived. The father said he followed the ambulance to the hospital and said he never imagined it being as bad as it was.

‘They had mentioned what are we going to do if his heart stops, and it caught me completely off guard. I had sent a couple messages out to family to let them know that Jaxon’s not going to make it. I remember, I broke down out there pretty bad. Yeah, it really hit hard,’ Liedl said. ‘I waited 37 years for my own little baby boy. I was extremely lucky because he didn’t cry, no fussing, he was happy smiles all the time.’

Jaxon’s funeral was held on Thursday. The girl charged with his murder will face court again on December 11.

So sad.

Ashley Graham Shares Her Sweet Swirl Love Story And Says She Wouldn’t Let Her Hubby Hit For HOW LONG?! 

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - December 8, 2016

Source: Raymond Hall / Getty

Ashley Graham Reveals The Long Story Behind Her Marrying Director Justin Ervin

We always wondered about the story behind Ashley Graham’s sweet swirly matrimony-dom with director Justin Ervin and the body positive model ended up revealing the WHOLE beautiful backstory during an appearance on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop podcast last Thursday.

It turns out Graham had a rocky road to her happy ending after dating some jerk when she was in her early 20’s who was abusive — not just mentally and emotionally but also physically.

“I knew that I was a stronger woman for breaking up with him, and in feeling stronger for breaking up with him I was like, ‘What is it that I need to do to change myself so I don’t get back into that situation?'”

It was then that Ashley determined she needed to do a better job of keeping the cookies in the jar.

“My problem is I keep giving it up too soon, I keep having sex too soon with these guys.”

And while spirituality didn’t initially have anything to do with Graham’s decision to abstain — she did eventually find herself in some hallowed halls after her mom confronted her about abusing tequila.

“My mom said, ‘rehab or church,'” Graham revealed. “And I was like, ‘I’m not an alcoholic, so I’ll just go to church.”

It was in the elevator of the NYC church that Graham began attending that she first encountered her hubby.

“The next thing you know I’m in the elevator… and I’m volunteering that Sunday. I’m the elevator lady.”

“The one guy says to the other guy, ‘If you don’t talk to her I am.’ I blushed. And the next thing ya know, Justin, my husband, was the one who stayed in the elevator.”

There’s more… Continue to keep reading.

Delusional 1 & 2: Shamari And Ronnie DeVoe Are Already ANNOYING #RHOA Fans Over This… 

BET's 'The New Edition Story' Premiere Screening - After Party

Source: Earl Gibson III / Getty

Ronnie DeVoe & Shamari DeVoe’s #RHOA Debut Was A Viewer Disaster

Things got awkward last night on the “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” for folks watching the DeVoes. They made their introduction on the reality show and viewers didn’t warm up to their personalities at all!

The issue was that Shamari and Ronnie are everything but humble when it comes to their accomplishments. So conceited, Shamaria and Ronnie showed themselves recording a “Jay-Z and Beyonce” style album. Shamari also told everyone that her group Blaque is on the same level as Xscape, and then Ronnie handed out some unsolicited performance advice to Kandi — the woman who BOOKED him and his buddies to open for her group on tour this year!

Ronnie had one word of advice for Kandi, “placement.” Look at the “placement” of everyone’s body language in the clip, they are over him!

Fans watching the show went IN on the DeVoes and their delusions of grandeur…

Hit the flip to see how folks roasted Shamari and Ronnie for displaying their delusion all over television.

Cancelled: Justine Skye Fans Return Sheck Wes To Sender For Allegedly ABUSING Her — But Why Is She Apologizing? 

Sheck Wes Justine Skye Feature Image Domestic Abuse

Source: Mindy Small/FilmMagic/Lisa Lake/Getty Images/ / Getty

Justine Skye Hints That Sheck Wes Allegedly Abused Her

Justine Skye recently detailed an abuse she endured through the lyrics and visuals for her single “Build” and now fans think she’s implicating rising rapper Sheck Wes as her abuser. Sheck Wes is a popular rapper in the NYC market with his song “Mo Bomba” that has quickly spread all over radio. He is signed to Travis Scott and stays booked at festivals and everywhere just off of that one random hit. Apparently, he and Justine dated before he blew up.

Instagram Photo

In a thread about the rapper being abusive, Justine liked two tweets, including this one:

Justine subsequently liked another tweet referring to Sheck’s alleged abusive towards Justine being blanketed by his newfound celebrity that read, “it’s probably tough as hell for her to watch her abuser’s star rise the way his has recently.”

In related news, Justine Skye apologized for supporting another alleged abuser two years ago. We previously reported in 2015 that Justine defended Ian Connor after several young women came forward to say he used his social media clout to lure them in person and then rape them. After the Shek Wes rumors spread, folks began to call out nJustine’s “karma” for supporting Ian Connor amid rape accusations.

Here is what she had to say:

As far as confirming that Sheck was the person who put hands on her, Justine says, “it’s just something for you to talk about today. That’s just the reality of it. But I made a video about it in hopes that it can inspire someone else to get away for their abusive partner…That was my goal.”

WELP. Fans of Justine are already CANCELLING Sheck over the allegations and liked tweets and the Ian Connor references keep rolling in. It’s looking ugly, hit the flip to see!

Diddy Breaks His Silence To Mourn The Mother Of His Kids, Kim Porter, Alongside Family 

The Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere Of Open Road Films' 'Dope'

Source: Todd Williamson / Getty

Kim Porter Mourned By Ex, Diddy, Son Quincy, Misa Hylton And Sarah Chapman

In the days since Kim Porter’s unexpected death Thursday the model and socialite received an abundance of tributes on social media from scores of celebrities, including Rihanna, Tina Lawson and T.I. Diddy, who fathered Porter’s three youngest children, mourned in silence until Sunday, when he expressed his grief openly by posting tributes on Twitter and Instagram.

Instagram Photo

His first message read:

For the last three days I’ve been trying to wake up out of this nightmare. But I haven’t. I don’t know what I’m going to do without you baby. I miss you so much. Today I’m going to pay tribute to you, I’m going to try and find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship. We were more than best friends, we were more than soulmates. WE WERE SOME OTHER SH**!! And I miss you so much. Super Black Love 🖤

Throughout the afternoon the mogul mourned his late love with photos expressing his endless devotion.

Instagram Photo

Words can’t explain 🖤FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!!! Infinity and BEYOND!!!!

Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo

I’ll raise our family just like you taught me to. Love you forever!!!! 🖤 I CANT BELIEVE THIS SH**!!!!!! FUUUUU*********!!!!!! Smfh

Absolutely heartbreaking… Diddy wasn’t the only family member to pay tribute Sunday. Kim’s oldest son Quincy also broke his silence, and Misa Hylton and Sarah Chapman — who also mothered children with the music mogul also paid their respects publicly.

Continue for their touching messages.