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An Icon Livin’: Watch Blue Ivy Carter Gettin’ It To “Before I Let Go” During Dance Recital [VIDEO] 

Blue Ivy Carter

Source: SplashNews / Splash News

Blue Ivy Steals The Show At Dance Recital

It’s no secret that Blue Ivy has every ounce of her mom and dad’s swag so we had to share this video that TMZ posted of Blue Ivy getting DOWN to mom Beyoncé’s remake of Frankie Beverly and Maze’s classic “Before I Let Go”.

TMZ reports that 7-year-old Blue took the stage three times during the recital for the Debbie Allen Dance Academy in L.A. for their annual Spring Concert, which was titled “Colors” this year.

Baby girl hit that split too! Go head Blue.

Coparents Or Couple? Porsha Wishes Dennis A ‘Happy First Father’s Day’, Speaks On Their RHOA Relationship 

Porsha Dennis

Source: Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Porsha Williams Speaks On Dennis McKinley Relationship Amid Cheating Rumors, Fans Speculate They Broke Up

Porsha Williams recently sent a sweet message her fiance’s way. As previously reported rumors swirled that Porsha called off her engagement to Dennis McKinley after she unfollowed (and refollowed) him on Instagram sparking claims by bloggers that he cheated.

Now Porsha’s speaking out for the first time on her relationship since the speculation started and explaining why she took so long to address the rumors.

“I’m pretty much doing everything in my own time. Not that there’s anything I’m trying to hide or run away from, but if you love someone and you make a mistake or he makes a mistake or whatever’s going on, you gotta make sure that y’all are good at the end of the day,” said Williams during the American Black Film Festival in Miami as reported by ESSENCE.

“I am on a reality television show and I do pride myself on being transparent on the show,” Williams continued, “but at the same time I’m human and when you’re talking about family, something that you want for a lifetime, you have to protect it.”

“Mistakes”, huh???

She also added that despite the rumors, she’ll “absolutely love Dennis forever” and she still thanks God for the blessing she claimed. If you can remember, Porsha said during the RHOA season 10 reunion that she’d soon be married and pregnant.

“What I will always do is make sure I protect family,” she said. “He will always be my daughter’s father and I will absolutely love him forever. We absolutely go through our ups and downs together. And I still thank God for the blessing I claimed a year ago.”

She added, “There are still be things in any of us that aren’t perfect, that we have to deal with as a family. But overall I am still thankful to God and I know he is holding both of our hands as long as we stay in prayer.”

Well, at least Porsha’s staying positive. RHOA cameras are rolling for season 12 so we’re SURE we’ll see how all this plays out.

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🎼You got the best of my love 👑

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More on the flip.

Blac Chyna Blasts Back At Rob’s Hypocrisy Over Blocking Dream From Her Show But Keeping Her Up With The “Contrived” Kardashians 

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Source: SplashNews / Splash News

Blac Chyna Responds To Rob Kardashian’s Legal Objections To Dream Appearing On Her Show

If you thought Blac Chyna was gonna let Rob’s lil lawyer bully her over Dream being on her show, you thought wrong. Chyna took to Instagram Saturday afternoon to blast back at her ex, pointing out the hypocrisy of his objections, considering he’d allowed their daughter and her birthday party to be part of a scene on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

In an iPhone note dated June 15, 2019 at 2:51 PM Chyna wrote:

As Executive Producer of my show,

It is very unfortunate that Rob could not simply have an adult with me, “the mother of his child”, Dream Kardashian, appearing on my show “The Real Blac Chyna.”

Had Rob contacted me directly rather than through his attorney Marty Singer, Rob would have learned about Dream participation in the show.

First an foremost, I would never allow her 2-year-old daughter to be subjected to “long hours” on the set. Also, the very real and intense drama that happened between my mother and I, during the filming of “The Real Blac Chyna” took place outside the presence of my daughter. I would never allow my daughter to be present as me and my mom tried to work through our many issues to reach peace in our relationship.

Again, had Rob directly contacted me to discuss, he would have learned that as the Executive Producer of my show “The Real Blac Chyna,” I have the ability to control which scenes are included in the sow.

However, I also would have pointed out to Rob the hypocrisy of his family’s insistence that Dream appear on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in the family’s desperate attempt to boost the dismal ratings for their stale and contrived show, without my approval, Including an entire scene being Dream’s birthday party, again without my consent.

My show is about my life and my kids are a huge part of my life. It’s really sad that everything I do to better myself or my family the same people have something to say to stop or hinder it.

Welp… We’d say she made some valid points. All we want to know is, has anybody asked Dream if she wants to be on either side of her family’s reality tv cameras? What do you think the outcome will be for Rob and Chyna’s latest dispute?

So Sad: Pennsylvania Woman Jumps Off A Bridge As Her 3 Children Wait In The Car 

Police officers in bulletproof vests behind cordon tape

Source: kali9 / Getty

Mother Leaves Her Three Children In The Car To Jump Off A Bridge

According to Pittsburgh police, a woman parked her car on the Homestead Grays Bridge on Friday evening, left her three children inside of the vehicle, and proceeded to jump over the railing, killing herself.

A city public safety spokesman said police, fire and EMS crews responded to the bridge about 7:20 p.m. for a report of a woman on the outer railing, per reports from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. By the time emergency responders arrived on the scene, the woman had fallen into the Monongahela River; River Rescue recovered her body at about 9:15 p.m. and that is when she was declared dead.

The woman was identified as 26-year-old Stanlee Allyn Holbrook of McKees Rocks, according to the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s office.

Police said that they found three children between the ages of 1 and 9 in the car and luckily, all of them were unharmed.  The children were taken to a local hospital for evaluation and will be turned over to CYF, according to the spokesman.

Following the incident, two lanes of traffic were closed while police processed the scene, snarling traffic in the surrounding areas.

Pure Comedy: Desus Nice On Why Father’s Day Isn’t A Real Holiday [Video] 

2019 CC Sabathia Celebrity Softball Game

Source: Cassidy Sparrow / Getty

Father’s Day Not A Real Holiday For Desus And Here’s Why

In honor of Father’s Day, Desus Nice stepped into his office to give us all some insight into why it’s not actually a real holiday.

During the video, the Bronx native talks about popping gifts for Father’s Day, things he’s starting to do that remind him of his own dad, and whether or not he considers himself a father to his pets.

Peep Desus’ latest episode of “Office Hours” down below to hear his thoughts on today’s holiday.

BOSSIP Exclusive: Algee Smith Talks “Euphoria” Sex Scenes And His Upcoming Album 

Algee Smith With Euphoria brothers Tyler and Tristan Timmons

Source: Kevin Winter/ Getty / Getty

Algee Smith Discusses Shocking New Series “Euphoria” And Upcoming Music Project

Algee Smith has been incredible to watch in projects like “The New Edition Story,” ‘Detroit’ and ‘The Hate U Give’ so we were ecstatic to have an opportunity to speak with him about his latest role as Christopher McKay in the much buzzed about new HBO series “Euphoria.” Check out our Q&A with the gifted actor and musician below:

Algee Smith

Source: Lamar Valentine / BlogXilla

BOSSIP: There’s been so much buzz about this show, but nobody seems to know exactly what it is. Tell us about your character Chris McKay.

ALGEE SMITH: Christopher McKay… He’s a very interesting character to be honest, he’s the best friend of Nate, who is one of the stars of the show. He’s a freshman in college on the football team, but things aren;’t going the way he wants them to go. He’s in kind of a bind with his dad because they have a kind of weird relationship where they’ve built a relationship on work ethic since he was younger and not so much father/son. Also he’s dealing with a girlfriend he has, Cassie, where he’s trying to figure out how to be vulnerable but hold onto his masculinity at the same time. It’s a lot that he’s dealing with.

BOSSIP: When you saw this project what made you want to do it?

Algee Smith: That bread [laughs], I just… to be honest I went on one initial audition at the casting office for a completely different character and I didn’t hear back for months but then I got a call from Sam [Levinson] and he wanted to sit down and have lunch with me. So I sat down with with him and he started explaining this other character McKay and as soon as he mentioned him I started to connect with the role and we started bouncing ideas back and forth, like ‘we can take McKay here… ‘ It was kind of set in stone. Then when I got the script I was like ‘damn this is crazy, I gotta be part of this.’

BOSSIP: We’ve seen a lot of press about the amount of nudity and drug use in the show and it’s alarming because it’s high school…

Algee Smith: It’s set in High School, I’m the only one in college, everyone else is in their senior year. It just dives into — NOW– it’s pretty much just taking those ideas and taking them to the extreme, and showing what can happen when you do take them to the extreme or showing you the flip side like this is why you shouldn’t do those things. If you don’t have something like this that’s in your face you can’t truly make a decision.

BOSSIP: How difficult was it doing all these sex scenes?

AS: One of the main things I talk about is — I won’t give it away but I have this scene in one episode and it really challenged me as a man to do that scene. It was an uncomfortable scene for me, but I had to learn how to separate myself and just be the actor because someone might be dealing with that type. I had to get over my masculinity issues, as a black man we often have to realize it’s okay to be in this position for a minute. It’s not something that makes you less of a man but some things we just don’t feel comfortable with, like some men don’t feel okay crying.

Hit the flip to continue…

AD To LA: The Pelicans Reportedly Agree To Trade Anthony Davis To The Lakers In Huge Multiplayer Deal 

Golden State Warriors v New Orleans Pelicans

Source: Jonathan Bachman / Getty

NBA Star Anthony Davis Is Making His Way To Los Angeles

After an exciting trade standoff, the Los Angeles Lakers edged out all the other teams and ended up winning the bid for Anthony Davis.

Like always, Adrian Wojnarowski is the one who shared details of the deal.

NBA expert Marc Stein added that The Hornets’ Kemba Walker is a top prospect to assemble a possible Big Three in L.A, tweeting, “Kemba Walker will be a top target in free agency for the Lakers after they reached an agreement in principle to trade for Anthony Davis, according to league sources.”

Spike Eskin also added that of this possible Big Three, none of them played one playoff game this year–making them all well-rested and ready to start next season with some serious energy.

As the news of this huge story broke, most fans knew that it was only a matter of time until Lavar Ball got word that his pride and joy Lonzo was getting traded. At the time, he was spending his Saturday at the Drew League watching his youngest son LaMelo play and according to those in the building, he looked visibly upset.
He even ended up speaking on the situation, saying the trade isn’t a big deal because his son works well with anyone.

Lonzo, on the other hand, hasn’t publicly reacted to the news yet–but his teammates Ingram and Hart both posted their reactions on their IG Stories and seem to be pleased.

Since his agent Rich Paul announced Anthony Davis’ request to be traded, it really seemed like the entire league was positioning itself to land the superstar center. But the Pelicans played hard-to-get with their marquee player, letting the world know they wouldn’t be rushed to move Davis–this was until the Pelicans won the NBA Draft Lottery. After acquiring assumed no. 1 pick Zion Williamson, New Orleans’ new general manager David Griffin began to open the doors to potential suitors.

With news of his trade to Los Angeles, the odds of them as championship contenders have gone up. And for what it’s worth, LeBron James seems pretty happy with his new teammate.

Oprah & Gayle Agree With Ava, Don’t Like Being Called ‘Aunties’ Because They’re Not ’85-Year-Old’ Elders 

Oprah, Gayle, Ava

Source: Earl Gibson III/Wire Image / Getty

Ain’t no “Hey Auntie”…

Oprah And Gayle Talk Their “Auntie” Nicknames

Balling besties Oprah and Gayle know that you colloquially call them “Auntie Oprah” and “Auntie Gayle”—and they’d like you to stop. The duo recently chatted with Oprah’s OprahMag.com about the term after their friend Ava Duvernay admitted that being called “Auntie” isn’t her favorite.

In case you missed it, Queen Ava (she prefers that moniker) told Van Lathan during his “The Red Pill” podcast that while she gets that people respectfully refer to her as “Auntie Ava”, it’s actually a bit ageist and not her favorite term of endearment.

“Auntie Ava? Why? Am I that old?!” asked the 46-year-old. “Because I don’t feel that old! And it’s not a respect thing…Auntie Ava, like…Aunt Jemima?”

According to Ava’s fellow famous homegirls, she’s exactly right. Oprah and Gayle told OprahMag.com that the term sounds like it’s for older women—but Oprah’s okay with it in when she’s in Africa.

“I cringe being called Auntie or Mama by anybody other than my nieces or godchildren,” Oprah says. “Except if I’m in Africa, where it’s the custom for everybody to refer to anyone older as ‘Sister,’ or ‘Auntie,’ depending on the age difference. And there, no one refers to anyone older by their first name, out of respect.”

As for Gayle, she thinks the appropriate age to start using the title Auntie for an elder is “somewhere around…85.” Gayle is 64.

“I hate being called Auntie. That’s what you say to old people or the old lady who lives in the neighborhood!” said Gayle. I get that it’s a sign of respect, but no one’s calling Beyoncé ‘Auntie Beyoncé!’ The only ones who should be calling me ‘Aunt’ are my niece and nephew—and they don’t add the ie.”

So what would they prefer to be called? How about their actual names?

“As for what this trio would prefer to be called instead? Gayle responded “Gayle works!” while Oprah said: “Oprah has worked pretty well for me. Though sometimes strangers refer to me as Lady O, which feels friendly, yet respectful of the age difference. It feels appropriate.” And on Twitter, DuVernay shared that she “happily responds” to names like “Ms. DuVernay,” “Sis,” and “Queen.”

What do YOU think about Auntie Oprah, Gayle, and Ava speaking out on this term of endearment???

It’s interesting to see how these ladies are speaking out against the term when others like Aunti Loni (Love) embrace it.


We’ll take notes on Oprah, Gayle, and Ava—-we’ve DEF called all three of them “Auntie” in the past.

SMH: A Shooting At Costco In Corona, California Leaves 1 Dead And 3 Injured 

Big-Box Retailer Costco To Announce First Quarter Earnings

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Southern California Costco Shooting Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured

A suspect is in custody after opening fire in a Costco Wholesale store in Southern California on Friday, according to reports from Yahoo! News.

Corona Police officer, Lt. Jeff Edwards, says that the incident stemmed from an argument between the alleged gunman and his targets. Although the nature of the dispute has not been disclosed, The Lieutenant said it does not appear to be a domestic dispute.

After responding to reports of gunshots, the police arrived at the scene and found four victims. Of these four victims, one was fatally injured while the other was an off-duty police officer from another unit. Those who were struck along with the gunman were all taken to a nearby hospital to have their injuries evaluated.

Other shoppers were also reportedly injured trying to leave the store. According to a statement fromEdwards, customers were attempting to get to safety during the incident but the store’s emergency doors would not open–This caused many to panic, which lead to injuries.

“It’s not very fun when you’re scared and you’re running for your life and you’re trying to open a door that says ’emergency’ and they don’t open,” one shopper named Rachel Flores told the local news. “Everybody was freaking out. People were falling over each other… Everybody’s running around.”

As of now, the authorities have yet to release the suspect’s name to the public, but they do claim to have identified all of the parties involved in the initial dispute.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Legal Team Representing Phoenix Family Terrorized & Threatened By Police Over Barbie Doll 

Criminal Justice Reform Organization Launch

Source: Shareif Ziyadat / Getty

Jay Z’s Legal Team Representing Black Phoenix Family

After a Phoneix family’s shocking encounter with police went viral, they’re getting support from high places.

As previously reported Dravon Ames and his fiancé Iesha Harper were driving with their daughters, ages 1 and 4, before they were terrorized by police. Officers approached the family after the 4-year-old slipped a Barbie into her backpack unbeknownst to the parents.

Police overreacted to the alleged theft and pulled out their guns threatening to kill Iesha who’s currently pregnant, in front of her children. An officer also told Dravon  “I’m going to put a cap in your a**, I’m gonna shoot you in your (expletive) face” before pulling him out of the car, kicking him in the right leg, and punching him in the back.

Now Jay Z’s Roc Nation legal team, Team ROC, is swooping in to help (pro bono!) as the family pursues a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix. The couple says the officers committed battery, unlawful imprisonment, false arrest and infliction of emotional distress in addition to violating their civil rights.

AZ Central reports that Team ROC is not only providing legal support, Team ROC’s calling for the termination of the police officers and “ensuring the well-being of the children,” according to Didier Morais, a PR spokesperson for the organization.

Team ROC has secured high-profile attorney Alex Spiro to join the family’s legal team and they’re planning to pursue a child neglect charge against one of the officers.

“There is no place for that behavior in our world – let alone our justice system – and we are calling for the immediate termination of the police officers in question,” said Roc Nation Managing Director of Philanthropy Dania Diaz. “We are committed to supporting the family to ensure that justice is served.”

In case you forgot, Team ROC is known for getting results. The legal team stepped in to stop the deportation of 21 Savage.

Kudos to Roc Nation for helping this family get the justice they deserve.

Kang Thangs: T.I. Signs On To Star In Will Smith Produced Movie About The Flint Water Crisis 

2019 IMAGE Film Awards Gala

Source: Paras Griffin / Getty

T.I. Set To Star In Film About Flint Water Crisis

According to Deadline, T.I. has just signed on to star in the Will Smith-produced film depicting the tragedy that was the Flint, Michigan water crisis.

Flint will be produced by Overbook Entertainment and will reportedly follow the story of a spiritually reformed ex-convict who finds himself in the midst of a murder mystery while his hometown of Flint deals with the consequences of the water crisis. Executive producers for the film include late director John Singleton, Caleeb Pinkett and James Lassiter from Overbook, T.I., and Brian Sher from Grand Hustle Films.

T.I. is no stranger to the big screen. Having flexed his acting chops in a bunch of films over the last few years, this is set to show the legendary rapper’s acting range by tackling the serious role.


F**k 12: NYPD Union Lawyers Claim Eric Garner Died From “Obesity” & Not A Chokehold 

Members of Black Lives Matter Greater NY and allies held a...

Source: Pacific Press / Getty

NYPD Union Lawyers Say Eric Garner’s Obesity Killed Him, Not The Chokehold

According to the Washington Post, NYPD union lawyers believe Eric Garner’s poor health ultimately led to his death, not Officer Daniel Pantaleo’s chokehold.

Pantaleo’s attorney pleaded with the court that his client should be cleared of all fault because Garner “died from being morbidly obese.”

“He was a ticking time bomb that resisted arrest,” London said during an administrative hearing. “If he was put in a bear hug, it would have been the same outcome.”

In 2014, Pantaleo tried to restrain Garner with a “chokehold” that compressed his throat and chest, triggering a fatal asthma attack while Staten Island police officers attempted to arrest the Garner for selling loose cigarettes.

Pantaleo reportedly has been on desk duty since the death and in order to fire him, the NYPD needs to prove that Pantaleo used a chokehold forbidden by the department in a way that counts as criminal conduct.



A Lil’ Positivity: Street In Front Of NASA Headquarters Renamed ‘Hidden Figures Way’ 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi Hosts Women's History Month Reception Honoring The Space Program's Female Mathematicians

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Street In Front Of NASA Headquarters Renamed To ‘Hidden Figures Way’

NASA paid homage to the pioneering mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn and Mary Jackson with a permanent tribute at the space headquarters.

According to Vibe, The women, who were portrayed in the critically acclaimed film Hidden Figures, were the inspiration behind naming the street in their likeness. The African-American women broke both gender and racial barriers all while influencing generations to come for women of color in STEM.



Hidden Figures author Margot Lee Shetterly expressed how significant the moment was:

“Naming this street Hidden Figures Way serves to remind us, and everyone who comes here, of the standard that was set by these women, with their commitment to science and their embodiment of the values of equality, justice and humanity. But, let it also remind us of the Hidden Figures way, which is to open our eyes to [contributions] of the people around us so that their names, too, are the ones that we remember at the end of the story.”