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In WTF News: Uber Eats Driver Caught Crunching On Customer’s Popeyes Order, Refuses To Give Up Sandwich [Video] 

In this photo illustration an Uber Eats logo displayed on a...

Source: SOPA Images / Getty

Customer Confronts Drive Who Cancelled Popeyes Order And Was Eating It!

This Popeyes chicken sandwich has folks acting like savages, even Uber drivers.

A young hairstylist from the D.C. area says she caught her Uber Eats driver red-handed, nibbling on her red beans and rice. BaddieVee_, the IG user, says she approached the car after noticing the driver was parked around the backside of her residence with a man in the car. They were allegedly both going through her order which included a chicken sandwich. The Uber Eats driver immediately claimed she refunded the young woman her money and kept the food! WTH?

So y’all.. I don’t even do this but… this chicken sandwich is really stripping y’all of sense!!!!! THIS LADY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERING MY UBER EATS.. lied and said she called me when she was outside.. Aw she was in the back of my house!! I go back there and walked up to her ni**a opening my red beans and rice!!!!! Yalllll!!!! All I wanted was my chicken sandwich and that’s it. These people robbed me for deaaaaad.

Here’s the video.

Here’s an update on how Uber handled the situation…

How crazy!


Impeachment Day: Donald Trump’s Shady Shenanigans Officially Go On Trial With Public Testimony [Live Video] 

Amb. William Taylor And Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State George Kent Testify At Impeachment Hearing

Source: Drew Angerer / Getty

Donald Trump Impeachment Hearing Live Stream

Impeachment is on deck for 53% of white women’s President Donald J. Trump.

Today, November 13, 2019, will serve as a historic day in the United States as Congress begins public Impeachment hearings against Trump for his alleged extortion, bribery, and quid pro quo pressure on Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

You can watch the entire hearing in the live streaming video below.

Do you think there is ANYTHING that could be said during this hearing that would get Donald Trump removed from office?

Cardi B. And Kyle’s Hairstylist Tokyo Stylez Takes Steps To Transition, Says Surgery Was Successful 

Tokyo Stylez

Source: Xavier Collin/ Image Press Agency/ SplashNews / Splash News

Celebrity Stylist Tokyo Stylez Underwent Successful Breast Augmentation And Lipo

Congratulations to Tokyo Stylez, who just took her first surgical steps towards transitioning this week. The celebrity hairstylist, known for creating custom looks for Kylie Jenner and Cardi B among other superstar clientele, revealed on Instagram last week plans for a breast augmentation and even more snatched waist.

The night before surgery she shared her excitement again.

Kylie Jenner responded, telling her, “Good Luck Baby.”

After her surgery Saturday Tokyo Stylez revealed, “Surgery was successful thanks again for all of you who had me in your prayers and supported me for making the decision to transition . You guys have no idea having the support from you all means .” She also thanked her doctors for making her first step in transition a success.

She got an outpouring of loving and supportive messages.

EJ Johnson commented, “So excited for you and your beautiful new journey 😘👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

La La Anthony sent a flurry of emojis:


Lil Kim offered love and prayers:

😻 I Love u and I pray for ur speedy recovery 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💋❤

Pretty cool. It looks like her chosen name is Mia/

Tokyo Stylez isn’t the only member of Cardi’s glam squad getting work done either. Cardi’s makeup artist Erika La Pearl also went under the knife recently to get a BBL

Tokyo Stylez offered her support in the comments in the form of praise hands.

Congratulations to Tokyo Stylez and Erika La Pearl.

Jesus Take The Wheel: Philadelphia Father Accused Of Using 11-Month-Old As ‘Human Shield’ During Drug Deals 

Philadelphia Father Accused Of Using 11-Month-Old As ‘Human Shield’ During Drug Deals

Lock him up and throw away the key.

A Philadelphia father is in prison after a botched drug deal ended with his 11-month-old shot four times. NBC Philadelphia reports that Nafes Monroe, 25, was arrested over the weekend and charged with recklessly endangering another person and endangering the welfare of a child.

Authorities sat he used his 11-month-old son as a “human shield” while trying to buy drugs with counterfeit money just prior to a shooting that left the boy critically injured last month.

Monroe is accused of going on a drug run with his 11-month-old son Yazeem Jenkins, his girlfriend and another man in the car before the child was shot once in the head, once in the neck and twice in the buttocks.

Police told NBC Philadelphia that instead of taking the injured child to the hospital, he drove his son to a home before later dropping him off at a local hospital and LEAVING. The boy remains in critical condition nearly a month later.

Authorities believe Monroe took the boy with him during several drug deals as a sort of “human shield”, figuring that he’d be protected from retaliation because he had a child with him.

“It’s our belief and our investigation has led us to believe that he intentionally had his child with him when he was making such types of purchases with the idea or belief that if someone saw that he had a child in the car that they would not fire upon him,” nthony Voci Jr., the chief of the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Homicide Unit said.

He clearly thought WRONG and his poor baby is fighting for his life.


What do YOU think about this dad using his baby as a shield?

Sorcery Tutorial: Deelishis Shares Nose Contouring Routine, But Did She Knife-Up Her Jawline? 

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Knifed Up Chronicles: Deelishis Wants To Prove She Did “Nothing” To Her Face

Rumors about Deeelishis knifing up her face are recirculating and the former reality star is clapping back, kinda. The 41-year-old posted up a ‘tutorial’ on how she changes her nose from its wider, natural state to narrow. Deelishis heavily contours her sniffer with makeup in the clip, showing off her bare face before and after.

Does this clip convince YOU that Deelishis didn’t touch her mug since her ‘Flavor of Love’ days?

Comments under the video were kind to the social media star, but some people are still now convinced Deelishis have multiple surgeries to accomplished her most recent, talked about mug. These look like two different women to us…

Deelishis’ chin looked more square back in the day, are we right? Surgical chin shaving seems to be a trend in cosmetic surgery and fans have accused Kim K, Natalie Nunn and even SZA of doing the same procedure. Could Deelishis also be a culprit?

Hit the flip for more.

For The Ladies: Omarion Flaunts His Beefed Up Chest For 35th Birthday 

Ryan Gordy Foundation Celebrates 60 Years Of Mowtown - Arrivals

Source: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty

Happy Birthday: Omarion Turns 35

It might be Omarion’s 35th birthday week, but he’s giving his fans a gift. The “Ice Box” singer took to Instagram to flaunt his pecs and announce he has new music on the way. It’s been a minute since we heard from Omarion on record. His single “Post To Be”, featuring Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown, was released in 2014. The single peaked at #1 on Billboards Rhythmic charts.

Lately, Omarion has been making headlines in association with his ex, Apryl Jones. Fans have been shocked that Apryl is carrying on a relationship with O’s B2K coworker Lil Fizz. So far, Omarion hasn’t commented publicly on that. Does he look bothered to you?

In regards to new tunes, Omarions writes:

New music is coming.✨. It’s all so exciting if you let me show you….again. 🙏🏾 🎂#O35

What do you think? Are YOU ready for some new Omarion music?

Nostalgia Is A Helluva Drug: Funniest Reactions To The Dazzling Disney Plus Launch 

Hilarious Disney Plus Reactions

You hear that? The sound of geeked 30-somethings reliving their childhood through nostalgia-fueled game-changer Disney Plus which has the absolute BEST catalog of any streaming service on Earth. No, seriously, it has EVERYTHING–ALL of your FAVES with an easy-to-use interface–and has the whole entire internet in a starry-eyed TIZZY.

Peep the best (and funniest) reactions to the dazzling Disney Plus launch on the flip.

Coworker Calamity: Porsha Terrifically Trolls Eva’s ‘Nappy-Headed’ #RHOA Comments 

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Source: Bravo / Tommy Garcia

Porsha Williams Terrifically Trolls Eva Marcille’s “Nappy Headed” RHOA Comments

There’s still beef brewing between two RHOA stars and it’s continuing to spill onto social media. As previously reported Eva Marcille and Porsha Williams are feuding over comments made at Kenya Moore’s Brooklyn Barbie party.

After Porsha told Kenya that Eva was apprehensive about bringing her children to the kid-friendly celebration, Eva exploded on her RHOA costars and called them “nappy-headed little girls” behind their back.

“Porsha just had a baby and I tiptoed around her whole little feelings,” said Eva. “Come on now. B*** if you want me to go off…Porsha has enough bulls*** going on in her life. She can converse about that.”

“She needs some business. And I can float her a lot of these blogs so she can mind that business. Porsha may want to stay all the way up out of my business. She still got her C-section healing and she over here worried about somebody else’s babies.”

The “nappy-headed” comment, in particular, offended Porsha and she expressed her disappointment with Eva on Dish Nation.

“A friend would not go in like that,” she said. “I just thought she went too hard, and it was uncalled for. And then earlier in the episode, she called all of us ‘nappy-headed.’ Like, really?”

Porsha was backed up by Da Brat who agreed that Eva took things too far. Mind you Da Brat works with both Eva and Porsha.

Hmmmm, were YOU offended by Eva Marcille’s “nappy-headed” comments?

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eva Marcille (@evamarcille) on

See how Porsha terrifically trolled Eva over the shade on the flip.

Bae Of The Day: Tommie Has Been Posting Her Ankle Bracelet-Free Cakes On IG And You Should Probably Take A Look 



Tommie Lee’s Banging Body

Tommie Lee has had a tumultuous last few years, bouncing in and out of legal troubles while struggling to keep her life in order. At the very least, she’s been out there still putting her body on blast even when she was wearing her ankle house arrest bracelet. We admire the commitment.

Well now her bracelet is off and she is really enjoying life putting even more of her bawd on blast for the world. Now she doesn’t have to crop out her ankle. It’s a miracle!

View this post on Instagram

Never lose, I Go overtime on Em stay in Dat Gym..

A post shared by Tommie (@tommiee_) on

So let’s catch up with Tommie and see the ways she’s been heating up the internet and showing off the freedom goods.

Justice Abroad: Australian Cop Charged With The Murder Of Indigenous Yuendumu Man Kumanjayi Walker 

Four People Dead In Mass Darwin Shooting

Source: Newspix / Getty

NT Police Charged With Murder Of Aboriginal Teen Kumanjayi Walker

“The world is a ghetto” is a lyric that was made famous by the group WAR back in 1972 and they couldn’t have been more right.

According to The Guardian, an 19-year-old indigenous boy named Kumanjayi Walker from Yuendumu, the Northern Territory of Australia, was *allegedly* murdered by police and charges have been filed against the offending officer. Walker was shot dead on Saturday night when officers were sent to arrest him for breach of suspended sentence.

The charge was not made official until after hundreds of people filled the streets of Melbourne and Sydney carrying signs reading “Tell the truth” and “Justice for Walker” in protest of this obviously unwarranted death.

Kumanjayi Walker was shot, taken to the police station, and left unattended by medical staff for HOURS before he died. His family was not told of his condition until several hours later. This happened because Northern Territory health officials abandoned the small Yuendumu community claiming they “feared for their safety” due to “local unrest”.

“Staff safety is paramount,” the NT health department spokesperson said. “After liaising with police, Yuendumu Health Centre staff were supported to leave the community on Saturday afternoon, as did staff from other government and non-government services.”

The health professionals charged with helping Walker in their absence were located in Yuelamu, a town about an hour away from Walker’s bleeding body.

Chief Minister of the NT, Michael Gunner, had this to say about the criminal justice process:

“Saturday night was an awful night and we will be working together for a long time about how we deal with that together,” Gunner told people gathered at Yuendumu. “But there are important things I can promise today. One of them is to guarantee there will be an independent investigation.”

We can only pray that things in Australia are more fair and forthright than they are here in the states.

Rest in peace Kumanjayi Walker.

“Marriage Boot Camp” Exclusive: Have The Govans Finally Mastered Family Communication? [VIDEO] 

Marriage Boot Camp Family Edition

Source: Thinkfactory Media / Courtesy WeTV

Laura Govan And Her Family Show The Doctors They’ve Been Paying Attention

We’re just two days away from a brand new episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition” where we’ve been watching celebs like Laura Govan, Aaron Carter, Alexis Bellino and Corey Feldman grapple with their families over longstanding problems. This week, things seem to be looking up for the families after Dr. Venus Nicolino and Dr. Ish Major talk to the group about communication methods to help them better navigate their issues. Check out an exclusive clip below:

Here’s what else to expect from the episode:

The families navigate the treacherous waters of communication in order to save a loved one. Alexis, Aaron, Michael & Laura save their family. But Courtney is left stranded when Corey & Eden quit. Aaron is fed up that Corey and Alexis are not giving 100%.

MARRIAGE BOOT CAMP: FAMILY EDITION – “OFF THE DEEP END” – Airs Friday, November 15th at 10/9C on WeTV

Don’t Wait for Black Friday — This $120 Comforter Set Is on Sale Now for $34 

When was the last time you slept like a baby? When did you last bury yourself under cozy, fluffy covers and got the best sleep of your life? If you can’t remember, perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to some new bedding. More specifically, it’s time to treat yourself to the Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set.

Your choice of covers at night can make or break your snooze time, and this set might just be the key to a more restful shuteye. It features the perfect loft and down-like feel, keeping you warm and toasty as you ship yourself off to dreamland. It’s made from 100% hypoallergenic fine-combed microfiber, perfect for folks who are sensitive to allergens. The shams feature tiny, unobtrusive zippers that are embedded close to the hemline, so your pillows will disappear into your color-coordinated bedding.

Usually retailing for $120, you can get the Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set is now available on sale for a limited time for only $33.99 with code BFSAVE15.


Down Alternative Reversible Comforter Set (Blush & White) – $39.99

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This Stemless Wine Glass Set Is The Perfect Gift For Wine Lovers 

Haven’t you heard? Traditional stemmed wine glasses are so yesterday. Stemless glasses are all the rage right now, so much so that even snobby sommeliers can’t help but be intrigued by them. And given that the holidays are fast approaching, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a few, either for adding some flair to your home bar or gifting to fellow wine lovers.

This 16 Oz. Stemless Wave Wine Glass Set by Dragon Glassware is solid option. Unlike run-of-the-mill stemless glasses, these are uniquely designed, with intricate sculpting inspired by ocean waves. And aside from the aesthetic value, the design also naturally aerates the wine — or any beverage of your choice, for that matter — and serves as a decanter. The curved indentations allow your thumb and fingers to rest for ultimate comfort, allowing for a better drinking experience. They’re also crafted from crystal clear, lead-free, and high-quality glass that’s dishwasher-safe and refrigerator and freezer friendly. They even come in luxury gift packaging, making them ideal holiday gift for the wino in your life.

Ready to guzzle down a little differently? Grab the set on sale now (which nets you four glasses) for only $28.04 with code BFSAVE15.


16 Oz. Stemless Wave Wine Glasses: Set of 4 – $32.99

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Don’t wait for Black Friday — you can get these top-sellers at deep discounts today!

Prices are subject to change.

Bossip has teamed up with StackCommerce to bring you the best deals on the web. We may get a share of the revenue from your purchase.